Folsom CA Wounded Veteran Run
Aaron is whole wholeheartedly dedicated to his craft. His enthusiasm for race directing is unmatched and the resulting event is top notch. -Courtney Hvostal Founder Wounded Veteran Run Folsom, CA.

Kelso WA Chamber of Commerce
Aaron and his team did an outstanding job setting up the run and they color stations. We had about a dozen people on hand to assist with the distribution of banners, color, water, cones and other things as needed. But the organization and follow through by Aaron was excellent. -Bill Marcum Kelso-Longview Chamber of Commerce Kelso, WA.

Cody Wyoming Chamber of Commerce
I had the privilege of working with Aaron Hutchinson this past August to bring the first ever Color Dash to Cody, Wyoming. I reached out to Aaron at the end of March to secure the date. Once the date was secured Aaron was in contact with me weekly until August 8. He is extremely organized; he had created a drop box folder for EVERYTHING you could think of, which made it very comforting for me as an events coordinator putting on a first time event. He had created a template for almost everything; he communicated on a weekly basis and asked how I was doing, if I needed any help etc. I would say Aaron is an excellent communicator, extremely organized, motivated, enthusiastic, and very helpful. -Tia Mitchell Cody Chamber of Commerce Cody, WY.

Marin CA Rotary of Ignacio
Aaron is a phenomenal race director who brings an abundance of positive energy and enthusiasm to the entire project. On race days, his upbeat, enthusiastic, high energy performance on the microphone sets a fantastic mood of fun, health, athleticism and can-do community spirit. The festival atmosphere that Aaron leads and co-creates by engaging the non-profit volunteer hosts and sponsors is truly amazing. Between the music, the color canon, the huge flowing flags, and the generous and inspiring grand entrance / starting gate and finish line gate, he lays the groundwork and foundation for a hugely successful event. He has an endless supply of great ideas and how to execute them to continually improve the event, from fire engine ladder trucks to marching bands, and he brings deep experience on how the non-profit can maximize the bottom line of proceeds generated for their causes. I’ve worked closely with Aaron for the past two years on the Rotary Club of Ignacio’s Marin Color 5K. Three years ago, before we knew Aaron, we ran an event and festival on our own. With Aaron’s help these past two years, we tripled the net annual funds we were able to raise for Rotary projects relative to when we did it on our own. In addition, we are much better organized, have lots more fun, are much more focused and therefore work less hard, and have far fewer unknowns to contend with when we work with Aaron. -Greg Tull, CFA Rotary of Ignacio Marin, CA