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“Be the change you want to see in this world”-Ghandi

Body On The Move was created with the vision to create a change and difference in this society. A dream for the chance to share with the world what was gained as a tri-athlete, father, and personal trainer. A dream that began with a man who uncovered his passion and commitment to exercise while serving in the United States Air Force. With obesity and sedentary lifestyle health issues always in the media, as well as the own personal experience of watch family members fight detrimental health issues, the urgency to model and educate the public became a journey. “Everyone has a day one” is the philosophy adopted. A “day one” to begin to change the habits that no longer serve as a part of one’s life. A “day one” to start becoming healthy. With a passion to share the enthusiasm of healthy eating, a love for exercise, as well as positive way to achieve self goals, Body On The Move envisioned affording the public with racing events in the Sacramento area that would provide the environment for a love of learning, health, and fun.