Get Moving With Sacramento Personal Trainer Services

What you can expect when you choose to train with me!  I will help you with your “Walk”!  Yoga, Triathlon’s Youth & Adults, Training for an Endurance Event, or not sure what you may be looking for!  I help can help you reach your goals and set new one’s.


  • First Session I will ask you what you hope to achieve, short term and long term.  There is no limit, break through the ceiling of limitations.  I will ask you about your overall health, including specific challenges such as cardiovascular conditions, mobility limitations or past injuries that might prevent you from performing certain exercises.


  • Muscle building and toning sessions usually will include working with free weights, weight machines or weighted balls to gradually increase the body’s core strength, as well as the strength of specific muscle groups, such as the arms, legs and back.  Most of what I will show you will involve using your own body weight.  This approach is efficient, sustainable, and reduces the risk of injury.  My goal is to help you make a lifestyle change.


  • Weight loss training will focus on cardiovascular exercise which may include treadmills, track workouts, low-impact elliptical machines or stationary bicycles, yoga, pool work, and outdoor training as well with an additional emphasis on nutrition.  I may also ask you to keep a fitness journal.


  • My overall approach is to treat you like the unique individual you are, everyone is different and everyone possesses unique qualities, this is not by accident.  It is my goal to make sure you find those once again and uncover your limitless potential.  We all have priorities in life, I will remind you that fitness both physical and mental is where it starts, everything else builds from that base you are going to create and sustain.  I will remind you to be patient with yourself, be consistent, and most importantly, enjoy the journey.  I will help you with your “Walk”.


Contact me at 916-990-6406 or email me at to begin your journey.


We all begin our journey with the first step. Every journey is unique and requires a commitment and inspiration to completing while enjoying the journey. Though at times goals seem to be unattainable and impossible it is reminded that patience, dedication, and a passion is needed not only in achieving goals but in life all together. Sacramento personal trainer services provided by Body On The Move establishes the beginning foundation for one to begin their walk towards the change they desire and seek, as well as, lend a helping hand in the evolution to the body, mind, and soul that is intended to be. As an athlete it is understood what it takes to reach the finish line. As a human being it is understood what it takes to inspire. As a personal trainer it is humbly understood the impact that one has in another’s life.

Not one fingerprint is the same, as is the clients that are worked with. It is the idea that we are unique and not one print is the same as the next; therefore what works for one individual may not work for the next. Body On The Move Sacramento personal training services offers detailed, unique training programs that are structured for each client personally. Training services making change one fingerprint at a time.

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